The Site Is Live

So I finally went ahead and made this site live. I think I was procrastinating it. I think maybe there’s some mental block where I was sort of dangling this ahead of me like a carrot, something that just always existed in the periphery, a constant occupant of the mind.

And I’m doing all this to try and advance as an artist, either through writing or comedy. You have to be able to put yourself out there. Which is tricky for artists because the things that make us want to create are not necessarily the same instincts needed to do business and be savvy that way. I’m not really a marketing kind of guy. That’s not my big talent in life. I don’t have an eye for “making content” like is needed these days. If I had my way I’d just fuck off and go create things and experience art at my leisure. But this is not the way of the world.

Add to this the complications of the pandemic. It was a long year for a live performing artist if you were taking any of it seriously. I did maybe a handful of very tentative live sets, and every time, the virus surge would get worse after, and I had to stop again. It’s still going now. Fortunately the vaccines make it much easier to go and do things now, but you never know what the next day’s news will be.

All of it has come with a real sense of the fatal. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with just the chaos of everything, and the pain people are in. So much of this, we have no control over. This is why I believe it’s important to just keep doing what we want and making the best of it in whatever ways we can. The world might be going to hell in a handbasket. But I still put this site live anyway.

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