Thoughts On The Unvaccinated/American Systemic Decay (Also, An Introduction To The Blog)

So I’m here now.

I figure I’ll use this as an unfiltered space to air grievances, rant, ponder and other kinds of things.

I’ve never been one to sugarcoat anything and I also have no idea how to properly introduce myself. This is a site for me as a writer, but I don’t want to be one of these assholes who pushes their real authentic self down to sell stuff. That is not the way to do it. I’m going to write about pretty far left stuff, talk about art in an unfiltered way, whatever I want. My philosophy has long been that I don’t want to put anything out except what I would enjoy myself if I was looking into some other author or comedian. So others who enjoy what I enjoy will maybe find stuff to like here. These rants will likely be powered by coffee, heavy metal and alcohol at varying points.

So I’m just gonna jump right into talking about the world. COVID’s still ravaging us and things are uncertain day to day. To cope, people have been taking to social media and posting righteous screeds against the unvaccinated. This is understandable because we really have so little control over anything except social media and our own words and thoughts. But I’m not so interested in just ranting about that. I think the problem goes deeper.

An article I read posits that the unvaccinated in part might not be getting it because of our healthcare system. A large barrier to it is people who are weary, confused and unwilling to participate in the healthcare system. Despite the vaccines being free, healthcare in this country is so costly and sometimes people have been billed for COVID tests or other related things anyway. The system is such a bloated horrific monster that people are simply turning away and throwing up their hands even when they don’t have to like with the vaccines.

Other issues could have to do with transportation or work. People might be afraid of missing work or have no way of getting to a vaccine center in a timely manner. There are wide gulfs of inequality in this country. We live in a system where we’ve given employers near limitless power over us. This is a big problem for the trend of vaccinations – if people are scared to miss work, or are worried they’ll have adverse side effects, they may put it off.

I get it, there are some people who are just awful anti-vax morons, there are bigots and other types of people who are easy to hate. But that is the small-brain way of thinking about this. The real targets we should be angry at are the capitalistic system that only wants money and funnels everything to faceless corporate overlords, and who both political parties are beholden to.

I think another thing I was getting at here was the sheer difference and breadth in the lives of people. Among the people I regularly talk to, we have read enough shit to know to get the vaccine. But the pandemic has been confusing, both in the messaging from the authorities and news outlets and just because we’ve never gone through this before as a modern society. Not everybody is reading the stuff we are. Some people heard about breakthrough infections, heard we had to wear masks anyway, were confused – these people are not necessarily MAGA diehard anti-vaxxers. It was a communication issue. Everyone’s got a different life and we just don’t know everything they’re going through.

The country’s whole scam is predicated on getting individuals to point fingers only at one another, never at the system or bigger corporations, etc. Don’t fall into that.

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