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Starving Artist

I saw this Tweet thread this morning, reacting to the news of the Squid Game creator, who apparently struggled for years, had to sell his laptop, got rejected, et cetera before finally breaking big with his show recently. His show is about the monstrous ills and woes of capitalism, how it eats people alive, which … Continue reading Starving Artist


I feel like a man out of time. This isn’t supposed to be one of these ‘fuck all that newfangled social media’ old-man types of posts – but it will seem like it. Thing is, it seems like everything I do naturally just happens to be the opposite of what you need to do to … Continue reading Anachronism

Radical Empathy

I’ve been reading Mariame Kaba’s “We Do This ‘Til We Free Us,” this new book about the abolition of prisons/police/etc. It’s all stuff that has existed for some time, but that is coming into prominence more as we see the increasing violence of police against Black people in the news all the time. The book … Continue reading Radical Empathy

The Site Is Live

So I finally went ahead and made this site live. I think I was procrastinating it. I think maybe there’s some mental block where I was sort of dangling this ahead of me like a carrot, something that just always existed in the periphery, a constant occupant of the mind. And I’m doing all this … Continue reading The Site Is Live

Thoughts On The Unvaccinated/American Systemic Decay (Also, An Introduction To The Blog)

So I’m here now. I figure I’ll use this as an unfiltered space to air grievances, rant, ponder and other kinds of things. I’ve never been one to sugarcoat anything and I also have no idea how to properly introduce myself. This is a site for me as a writer, but I don’t want to … Continue reading Thoughts On The Unvaccinated/American Systemic Decay (Also, An Introduction To The Blog)

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