In idyllic Fortuna, nothing is as it seems when a murder sparks an island-wide witch hunt. Retired detective Stefan grudgingly gets involved.

Society of Misfit Stories Vol. II

Story: “Blood and Sand” – a couple goes on the run from a violent Satanic cult through the desert.

Demonic Classics – Once Upon a Debacle

Story: “The Wine-Dark Sea” – A re-telling of ‘The Odyssey’ in my own style.

Fed Up

A couple, Gavin and Colleen, plot against their landlord after he evicts them.

Hellbound Books’ Shopping List Vol. 4

Story: “The Day I Met The Monster” – When Aidan’s family is killed by a mysterious monster in the ’50s, he spends decades chasing the killer.


Story: “Pinballs” – A small town romance grows complicated as lives intersect and opportunities are presented.